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March 16, 2023


Hire a photographer to capture you and your loved ones on your trip!

Sure, you’ll snap photos to post to social, but you’ll also want a way to preserve those precious memories far beyond a selfie, and what better way to do that than by scheduling professional pics into your trip’s itinerary. Let’s chat more about the reasons to make this happen…

1. Photograph Kit Access-

Various lens matter! Lighting matters! You don’t have room to travel with the whole photo setup, but the photographer has all the necessary items to make the shoot happen!

2. Insider Knowledge-

The photographers we hire are from the location, they speak the language and they know the best spots in the area to take the right pictures. Insider knowledge is key!

3. Guidance-

The photographer has the eye to adjust the look of the picture. The poses, the positioning, the background, all these pieces help secure the perfect shot. And hey, having a little assistance to help everyone look more candid and more natural, is super helpful! 

4. Editing –

After the shoot, the photographers touch on the photos are a key component. They have the ability to edit the pictures to make sure all the right adjustments are made to make each photo perfect for you. 

Let us handle all the details by booking a photographer through one of our trusted networks of vendors! 

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